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        Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m Maratee Niyomdecha. I’m a third years student English major at faculty of Education Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University. Today I’m going to present a research on A Study of the Achivements of SALC Users and Non-User in Learning an English Course by Sripathum Noom-ura. My purpose of the presentation to inform you this research. I will to speak for ten minute and I have devide my presentation into 4 parts. In the first part, I’m going to talk about Introduction. In the next section, I will to talk about Methodology. In the next third part, I would like to talk about Results from the Pre-test and Post-test. And the last part, I’m going to talk about Conclusion. And I’d ask you to save your question for the end.

         O.K. Now look at the first part. The first aspect. That is the introduction of The Self-Access Learning Center of Thammasat University was established in 1997. It aims to provide students with opportunities to practice their English skills outside the classroom in accordance with their abilities, interests, and need. It also aims to promote students, autonomous language-learning skill so that they can continue using their skill in their future studies and their careers (Language Institute, 1997) However, since the beginning of the SALC establishment, the teacher of the language Institute have been trying hard to encourage the students to use center. The purpose of this study were to compare the achievement of SALC users ion with those of non-users in language English course. And study the relation of some component that may affect the learners’ achievement. The last on find the students’ views on autonomous learning and their opinions about the SALC of Thammasat University.

           That’s all I would like to say about introduction of the research in the next section that is Methodology. The first, subjects there were 58 students volunteer to be SALC users and 66 non-users. And Data Collection and Analysis. The first an achievement test was designed base on the adaptation of the final exam pattern that had been regularly delivered at end of the EL 172 course. It comprised 25 vocabulary, reading and grammar multiple choice items. The post-test was delivered 16 weeks after post-test. The data was analyzed with the mean, standard deviation and t-test. The second documentary data from the students’ log books was analyzed quantitatively through the number of times and the length of each time the students visited the SALC, and the materials or activities the students chose to practice. The data was analyzed by correlation coefficient. And the last, a structured interview was conducted to see the students’ attitudes toward autonomous learning and their opinion about the SALC as a whole. The data was grouped and analyzed by percentage.

That’s all I would like to say about Methodology. Now let us turn to third part that is results of this research was results from the Pre-Test and Post-Test. There was no significant difference between the achievement of SALC users and non-users as can be seen from Table 1.

Table 1 and 2 the Pre-Test and Post-Test Users and Non-users
N Mean Development SD t-test
Pre-test scores 58 14.93 3.10 t = 8.59
} 3.04
Post-test scores 58 17.97 3.03 sig = 0.00
Pre-test scores 66 15.92 3.11 t = 6.59
} 2.38
Post-test scores 66 18.30 2.90 sig = 0.00

                  However, when the paired t- test was use to compare how much development the students had made, it was notable, as show in the Table 2, that at beginning of the course, the number of SALC users their average pre-test score were slightly lower than those of non-users, but at the end of the course the SALC users showed somewhat higher development than the non-users.

Then, I would like to talk about the last part, That is a conclusion of this research. The study found that the existence of the SALC of Thammasat University is well valued by most students, which means the administrative concern has been achieved.
The facilities and resources have done their jobs perfectly well. For the pedagogic concern, the belief and practices of the teachers, SALC staff and students about autonomous learning may need consistent support. Some SALC staff and consultant teacher were seen as not giving sufficient assistance to students, while student themselves, in particular, should be encouraged to make fuller use of center for ‘serious’ learning rather than only for ‘edutainment’.

Thank you for coming.

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DEAR ABBY: I need advice from someone who doesn't know me personally. My husband and I have been married four years and have three lovely kids. Recently we have hit hard times.
A few months ago my husband lost his job, and from there we hit rock bottom. Right now we are sleeping in our car. My problem is I don't like having my kids live like this. It makes me mad and I feel like a bad parent. I could go to a women's shelter, but I don't want to break up my family. I'm scared, and I'm not sure what to do.
My husband is working now, but we don't have enough money to get an apartment, so I was considering staying in a hotel -- but it will take some time before we can do that. Do you think we should stay at the shelter until we have a place, or until we can get a hotel room? I need some serious advice. -- SCARED IN LUBBOCK, TEXAS
DEAR SCARED: I'm glad you asked. You should check out the shelter and see what kind of accommodations they can make for you and your small children. It's a better, safer environment for them than five people sleeping in a car. I know this is a painful decision, but it isn't "breaking up the family." It is only temporary until you and your husband have saved enough for accommodations together again.

I think you should consider because it's important. And you can help your husband for found money. In the present it's hight cost the living. So you want to good life you can save money.


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Adverb Phrase

Adverb is a word which gives an additional detail about the meaning of a verb or an adjective or another adverb.

In many sentences, the adverb need not be a word. An adverb may be a phrase as in the following sentences.

Just as the work of an adjective is done by ‘a group of words’ called Adjective-phrase, so the work of an adverb can be done by ‘a group of words’ which is called ‘ADVERB-PHRASE’.
โครงสร้างของ adverb phrase 
adverb phrase ประกอบด้วยคำกริยาวิเศษณ์กับส่วนขยาย ซึ่งมีทั้งประเภทที่อยู่ข้างหน้าและประเภทที่อยู่ข้างหลังคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ โดยอาจมีโครงสร้างใดโครงสร้างหนึ่งต่อไปนี้
• ส่วนขยายที่อยู่หน้าคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ และคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ 
เช่น very quickly
• คำกริยาวิเศษณ์ ละส่วนขยายที่อยู่หลังคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ 
เช่น quickly indeed
• ส่วนขยายที่อยู่หน้าคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ คำกริยาวิเศษณ์ และส่วนขยายที่อยู่หลังคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ 
เช่น very quickly indeed
- หน้าที่ของ adverb phrase กริยาวิเศษณ์วลีทำหน้าที่เช่นเดียวกับคำกริยาวิเศษณ์ ดังนี้
- ทำหน้าที่ขยายคำกริยา คำคุณศัพท์ และคำกริยาวิเศษณ์อื่น เช่น
Henry walked extremely quickly.
These umbrellas are very beautifully made.
- ทำหน้าที่ขยายประโยค เช่น
Surprisingly indeed, everybody survived in the car accident.

Adjective Phrase

An adjectival phrase or adjective phrase is a group of words in a sentence that functions in the same way a lone adjective would.
Adjectives are used to modify nouns or pronouns. They give an additional detail about the meaning of a noun. In the sentence

. Prepositional phrase มีคำ Prepositionเป็นคำหลักของPhrase (Prep อยู่หน้าPhrase) 
e.g. I called her on the phone. ฉันโทรหาหล่อนทางโทรศัพท์ [on the phone = Prep phrase]

2. Adjective phrase มีคำAdjectiveเป็นคำหลักของPhrase นอกจากนี้ยังหมายรวมถึง Phraseอื่นๆที่ทำหน้าที่เสมือน Adjอีกด้วย
e.g. She's absolutely impervious to criticism. หล่อนไม่ครั่นคร้ามต่อคำวิพากษวิจารณ์ [Adj phrase]
   That food is good to eat. อาหารนั้นมีประโยชน์ที่จะรับประทาน [Adj phrase]
   John is a man with a kind nature. จอห์นเป็นชายที่มีนิสัยโอบอ้อมอารี [Adj phrase]

3. Adverb phrase คือphraseใดๆ ที่ทำหน้าที่เป็น Adverbในประโยค
e.g. The computer was devised specifically for use by those physicists. [Adv phrase]
  John ran with great speed. [with great speed = quickly] [Adv phrase]
  He fell to the ground. = down ตกลงที่ไหน [Adv phrase]

4. Noun phrase คือกลุ่มคำใดๆที่ทำหน้าที่เป็นคำนาม Nounในประโยค
e.g. Bali's spectacular beaches, volcanoes, lakes, temples, and terraced rice fileds have made it one of the most visited places on earth.
[ถ้าเราตัดตัวที่ขีดเส้นใต้ออกประโยคก็จะขาด Noun]

5. Verb phrase คือphraseที่มี verbเป็นคำหลัก
e.g. The box must have been opened. [Verb phrase]
อย่าจำสับสนกับ Phrasal verb ที่เป็นกลุ่มคำพิเศษที่ประกอบด้วยVerbและ Particles (อาจเป็นAdverbหรือPreposition)ซึ่งอาจมีความหมายที่แตกต่างจาก Verbหลักไปเลย
e.g. We didn't bargain for what happened. เราไม่ได้คิดสิ่งที่เกิดขึ้นไว้ล่วงหน้าเลย
     [bargain ต่อรอง for = Phr V = expect คิดเอาไว้ก่อน]

6. Participle/Participial phrase กลุ่มคำที่มีParticipleเป็นคำหลักใช้ขยายความหมายเสมือน Adjective
e.g. The villagers lived in a house built of stone. [Past Part = ถูกสร้างจากหิน]
  Being tired, we want to go home. [Present Part = รู้สึกเหนื่อย]
  Walking along the street, we met John. [Present Part = ขณะกำลังเดินอยู่ที่ถนน]

7. Absolute phrase คือphraseผสมระหว่างNoun/Pronounกับ Participleโดยมีความหมายที่ไม่ได้เกี่ยวกับประโยคที่มันอยู่เลย
e.g. The students marching along, the people stood on both sides of the road.
นักเรียนเหล่านั้นกำลังเดินแถวตามๆกันมา ผู้คนเหล่านั้นได้ยืนอยู่บนสองฝากถนนนั้น
[นักเรียนเดิน ก็เดินไป ผู้คนยืน ก็ยืนไป ไม่ได้ขยายซึ่งกันและกัน]

8. Infinitive phrase กลุ่มคำที่มี Infinitive Toนำหน้า
e.g. John is the first man to walk in space. จอห์นเป็นมนุษย์คนแรกที่เดินในอวกาศ [To infinitive =ทำหน้าที่ขยาย man]

9. Gerund phrase กลุ่มคำที่ทำหน้าที่ของ Gerund 
e.g. Her beautiful singing charmed us. [Gerund phrase]
  I hate having to clean the room. [Gerund phrase]


Phrase is a group of word don't have subject and modifier, it's have meaning but no complete.
    Densiri woke up in the morning.

    She went to the university.

    Her students could not come to the university because of the rain.

     Nina is a woman with a kindly nature.

    The ma talking to her is her student.

The words are emphasize in the all sentence is phrase.
Someword is begin with preposition and may be begin participle ( V-ing)